Effective teaching of A-Level Computer Science through foundations, effective pedagogy and context

This CPD course for teachers will provide a range of instructor-led content, resources to try and take away, opportunities for networking and further support beyond the course. With over 10 years of experience of taking students successfully through past and current A-Level Computing and Computer Science specifications, Peter will be able to provide you with tried and tested approaches and will guide you through some of the theoretical concepts which are often identified as problematic.

Amongst topics to be considered will be:

  • Planning for progression
  • Developing computational thinking
  • Blended plugged and unplugged approaches to theoretical topics
  • Programming projects and Object-Oriented programming
  • Key theoretical components of recursion, dynamic data structures, searching and sorting algorithms and complexity etc.
  • Choosing the right examination board
  • Tried and tested approaches for increasing the uptake of girls studying A-Level Computer Science.

Presenter profile

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Peter Marshman in his role as Head of Computer Science at Park House School, and as a CAS master teacher regional coordinator, has helped to significantly increase the uptake of Computer Science by girls through an emphasis on unplugged and kinaesthetic activities. Peter has led initiatives such as the CS Olympiad and CompuCrazy which involve many hundreds of primary school children each year learning computational thinking and programming skills.

Feedback from teachers on Peter's course

Excellent course - good balance between presentations and activities.
Very relevant - excellent delivery and outstanding ideas.
Really enjoyable; lots of ideas and food for thought.
A useful day: lots of content that was varied and relevant. I’m going to be busy!
Fabulous! Inspiring! Really useful!

Cost: £145 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £199 for 2 teachers from the same school

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