MFL today: Key Stage 3 health check

Curriculum 2014 brought about new opportunities but also new challenges for KS3 languages. Given the high degree of correlation between Curriculum 2014 and the future GCSE, addressing all of the new KS3 challenges is crucial for success at KS4. Where are you and your department two years on?

This one-day CPD course for teachers will first clarify - and demystify - the key features of the new KS3 National Curriculum programme of study. It will then go on to explore engaging and effective approaches to features such as:

  • transcription
  • translation
  • grammar in a communicative context
  • spontaneous talk
  • creative writing
  • using authentic resources
  • using literature
  • assessment - with or without levels

In this highly practical course, Martine will demonstrate a wide repertoire of activity styles easy to integrate into current practice. The examples will be mainly in French but the emphasis will be on the nature of the activity styles - all readily applicable to a variety of languages and topics.

This course is for:

  • Teachers of languages at KS3-4
  • Heads of MFL

Presenter profile


Martine Pillette is an independent languages consultant, author and examiner. A former head of languages, she is regularly involved in national and regional initiatives and leads courses on many aspects of MFL pedagogy at KS2-5. She is well known for her clear thinking, her cheerful manner and her realistic and engaging classroom ideas.

Feedback from teachers on Martine's course

An excellent day with outstanding advice and ideas that will not take hours and hours! Good to be moving away from prescriptive lists of required content.

Liberating! Brilliant ideas! Thanks!
Great course. Very inspirational!
Very useful, practical activities tailored to be easy to create and useful across a broad spectrum of ability.
This course has really motivated me to carry on with the changes we are making in my school and given me some vital pointers as to where I'm going wrong.

Brilliant course; just wish I could do a direct transfer of Martine's brain to mine!

Cost: £145 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £199 for 2 teachers from the same school

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