The Football Association Primary Teachers Award

The FA Primary Teachers Award is a course designed for any practising or aspiring primary school teachers, and it has been hugely successful in developing teachers’ confidence to deliver high-quality PE. The majority of the delivery of this course is practical.

It is designed to provide a basic introduction to the skills required when planning to deliver a KS1 or KS2 Physical Education lesson involving football or other invasion games; it covers movement skills, different types of practices/games linked to the national curriculum and how teachers might run a school team. The tutors also show how differentiation and assessment for learning can be embedded in PE lessons.

On completion candidates receive a resource booklet and an FA certificate.

The course is applicable for those who wish to build on their existing knowledge and those with little confidence in teaching PE or football.

Throughout the course, the tutors will also explain the importance of high-quality PE in schools in order to develop confidence, self-esteem and belief amongst children, and also the benefits of using PE to raise academic achievement across other school subjects.

Presenter Profile

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Ian Parkes is the South-West Regional FA PE and Coaching in Education Co-ordinator. His role is to support and improve the quality of PE delivered by teachers and coaches in schools. Ian is a qualified PE teacher who taught in schools and led an education department at a Community Trust within a professional football club, before joining the Football Association in 2015.

Feedback from previous courses

A fantastic course well worth giving up time for. I now feel more confident in teaching PE. Lots and lots of practical advice.
Very active, lots of tips and resources. Good ideas for keeping children active with little or no equipment. Feel confident for teaching PE now – very targeted for teaching. Great course!
I learnt a lot in a short space of time. How many different sports can use the same basic ideas. Very helpful!
Really useful, practical ideas which I can take into school and implement. It has made me think differently about how I approach PE and I feel a lot more confident.
Transferable skills throughout different sports. Really useful and easy to implement in the class and school.
Lots of ideas that can be transferred to PE lessons. I have much improved in my confidence to teach PE. Reminded me how enjoyable it can be.
Very informative with a good mix of practical activity and theory. Differentiation tips and behaviour management. Thorough explanation of why things were done.
Well delivered and relevant. I’m clear now how these games and ideas can be used in school with football and other games/sports.
Very useful. Lots of AfL embedded into the day and I was able to see how it can be used in a range of settings. Could there be more team games?
This was really helpful and has significantly raised my confidence to deliver interesting, relevant and engaging PE lessons (particularly with football skills). Lots of ideas for individual skill-building as well as team-building.
Really good and enjoyable course. My confidence teaching PE has increased – especially in football. You don’t have to be an expert footballer to complete the course!

Cost: Free of charge

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