The new GCSE in Languages: Looking Beyond the Specs

How can you best prepare students for the new GCSE? Several major features underpin this course:

  • How to interpret, and not to interpret, exam board specifications
  • The need to prioritise training over ‘testing’
  • The need to use exam-style tasks more strategically
  • Links with research on learner motivation
  • Links with Ofsted expectations

After a brief recap on the new GCSE and its implications, this course will give participants the chance to investigate how to ensure greater success in MFL learning and in the new GCSE. Martine will concentrate particularly on:

  • how to prepare pupils for the new-style oral tasks
  • how to generate more spontaneous talk
  • how to make grammar… work
  • how to approach translation
  • how to generate more independent and creative writing
  • how to help pupils cope with more authentic resources
  • how to ensure KS3-4 progression and continuity

In her usual fashion, Martine will concentrate essentially on activity styles which:

  • demand little preparation
  • are easy to explain to students
  • are readily applicable to a variety of languages and topics

Presenter Profile


Martine Pillette is an independent MFL consultant and author and a senior examiner for an international organisation. As well as working with individual schools, she is frequently involved in national and regional initiatives aimed at supporting MFL teaching at KS2-5. She is particularly interested in issues of challenge, engagement and skill-based teaching and learning. She is well known for her realistic and engaging classroom ideas.

Feedback from teachers on Martine’s course

Friendly, professional seminars from Martine. I’ve come away with lots of good ideas to help promote creativity and spontaneity.
Very rich in ideas and resources. Martine is very engaging and knowledgeable – fantastic!
Some excellent CPD – the best I have been on. It’s very rare that you get new ideas that look very useful and are easy to implement with minimal impact on workload.
Very comprehensive, inspiring and entertaining with many practical tasks/considerations to take away and share. All examples were realistic, challenging or easy to differentiate. The rationale was understandable with good links to GCSE for embedding activities in KS3 teaching early via demo task).
Martine’s courses are always inspirational and full of practical ideas to enhance teachers’ everyday workload. Thank you!
Really useful content. I’m grateful for the comparisons of exam boards. Useful, practical ideas which I can pass on to my trainees.
This course was really well-focused on providing useful info/activities, and was mindful of the fact that preparing good resources can take a lot of time.

Cost: £165 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £199 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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