Reaching for the higher grades in the new Languages GCSE

From the use of more authentic resources to the more cultural approach to topics, from the greater focus on grammar to the introduction of translation tasks, and from the demise of controlled assessment to the equal weighting now given to each skill area, the new GCSE presents real challenges. Besides, the new grading system means that the top grades will now be more difficult to attain. How can you best prepare your more able students for these new challenges?

This one-day course will focus on the Higher GCSE - especially on grades 6-9. Martine will concentrate particularly on:

  • the implications of the Exam Boards’ marking schemes
  • how to prepare students for more genuine speaking
  • how to boost grammar application skills
  • how to prepare students for more creative writing
  • how to prepare students for translation tasks
  • how to tackle the communication/accuracy agenda
  • how to enrich lessons with more authentic resources
  • how to provide more effective listening experiences
  • how to train students for greater independence

In her usual fashion, Martine will concentrate essentially on activity styles which:

  • demand little preparation
  • are easy to explain to students
  • are readily applicable to a variety of languages and topics.

Presenter Profile


Martine Pillette is an independent MFL consultant and author and a senior examiner for an international organisation. As well as working with individual schools, she is frequently involved in national and regional initiatives aimed at supporting MFL teaching at KS2-5. She is particularly interested in issues of challenge, engagement and skill-based teaching and learning. She is well known for her realistic and engaging classroom ideas.

Feedback from teachers on Martine’s course

Finally a course that delivers what we come for - concrete teaching strategies explained and worked through as opposed to pointless teacher 'talking shops'.
Good to be moving away from prescriptive lists of required content. Brilliant ideas!
Very useful, practical activities, tailored to be easy to create and useful across a broad spectrum of ability.
A great day! Very refreshing and a lot to think about regarding the new GCSE. This has been the best GCSE course I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to many of them!!) Thank you very much.
Martine’s presentations, whatever the topic, are always very well-informed and full of ideas that one can implement straight away in the classroom – which is what most people want as their number 1 priority: they are also thought-provoking, which is equally important.

Cost: £165 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £199 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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