Practical Strategies to Develop Emotional Resilience

Developing a whole school approach to wellbeing and emotional health

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Develop a whole school approach to wellbeing
  • Create emotionally healthy learning environments
  • Develop positive behaviour management strategies
  • Confidently use techniques to manage challenging situations
  • Build positive relationships with parents, pupils and colleagues
  • Improve communication and feedback to raise standards
  • Manage your own stress levels and wellbeing in and out of the classroom

Outcomes for you, your classrooms and your school:

  • Work collaboratively to build a positive, supportive school community
  • Children make positive choices for themselves and others
  • Increased resilience of staff and students
  • Better emotional health for staff and students
  • Students learn to take responsibility for their behaviour and improve social skills.

Presenter Profile

1-336-Mary Taylor.png

Mary Taylor has been a Senior Leader in Education for over 20 years, most recently as Deputy Head at the Dragon School in Oxford where she had responsibility for Social and Emotional Learning across the school.

Previously Mary taught in senior schools and in special schools and has held various Senior Leadership positions including Safeguarding Lead and Head of PSHEE, as well as Family Links Parent Group Leader, working with children, parents, staff, governors, HR and external services. Over the last 20 years she has developed a particular interest in what it takes to lead an emotionally healthy culture in schools where relationships and learning can flourish.

Cost: £250 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £299 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

Feedback from this course

All members of our school community now communicate with each other respectfully and are clear about the choices and consequences of our actions. Since using the Emotional Health at School approach, we have noted a considerable improvement in the behaviour of our children, which has impacted positively on their attitudes towards learning and outcomes.

“…Significant improvements in pupils’ behaviour. Most notably pupils reported to inspectors that the school provides them with an environment where their talents are nurtured, where they feel safer, and where they know more clearly what they have to do to succeed” (HMI inspection, February 2016)

As a teacher and senior leader at Windale Primary School, I feel Family Links has been a huge contributor in our improvement journey. It is the basis of all of our work, nurturing each other as well as ourselves, which is vital in such a pressurised profession. It has been hugely rewarding to monitor the impact of interventions established to support staff and children in incorporating Family Links values into each school day.
Katie Whiteley, Assistant Head Teacher, Windale Primary School

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