Understanding Teenagers in School

Adolescence is the most significant period of change in the brain apart from the first year of life; it is not until the early 20s that the brain begins to look like that of an adult.

This one-day training course provides an opportunity to understand adolescent brain development and its effect on behaviour. It includes ideas and strategies for school staff to maintain boundaries, motivation and support for young people in an emotionally healthy context. The day brings together the latest understanding from neuroscience and developmental psychology and the principles of the Nurturing Programme, one of the leading social and emotional education interventions in the UK.

There is a clear link between social and emotional learning and cognitive development (OECD report March 2015). Research shows that working with young people to support the critical tasks of achieving goals, working well with others, and managing emotions has a positive effect on cognitive development.

Key topics:

  • Understanding adolescent brain development
  • Learning at a time of rapid brain development
  • A trainee adult – the adolescent developmental process
  • Autonomy promotion - what do young people need from adults?
  • Managing risk and promoting resilience

Outcomes - staff will learn:

  • The science of the adolescent brain
  • How to increase motivation and learning in adolescents
  • Strategies for building positive relationships with young people
  • Factors that promote resilience in young people

This one-day Professional Development course is available for school staff, youth support teams and other professionals working with young people.

Presenter Profile

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Rowen Smith - Head of Family Links Training

Initially from an education background, Rowen spent many years working directly with children, families and organisations in the social services sector and directly with schools. He has worked in the field of mediation and conflict resolution and is interested in issues of organisational development, emotional health and wellbeing across the age range.

Cost: £250 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £299 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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