Effective teaching for two key elements of the new D&T GCSE: the contextual challenge and new and emerging technologies

This course will be in two parts.

Part 1 concerns the contextual challenge.

This will discuss how to teach iterative designing from year 7 onwards and how to provide appropriate support for students during the challenge itself. Delegates will have the opportunity to share their practice and identify changes needed in their current D&T curriculum.

Part 2 concerns new and emerging technologies.

This will provide teachers with a set of tools that students can use to explore how the technologies work and their likely impact on society in terms of both intended and unintended consequences. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss how to integrate these tools into their D&T curriculum.

Presenter Profile

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David Barlex is an acknowledged leader in design technology education, curriculum design and curriculum materials' development. He taught in comprehensive schools for 15 years before taking university positions in teacher education. He directed the Nuffield Design Technology Project and was Educational Manager for Young Foresight. He has worked in consultation with the DfE concerning the new National Curriculum for DT and the proposed DT GCSE. He shares a website with Torben Steeg on matters concerning design & technology education (dandtfordandt.wordpress.com)

Feedback from teachers on David’s course

A very thought-provoking day. I enjoyed the discussions – a new DT era is ahead!
Provided an excellent link to moral/ethical values in DT education.
Flexible, informative and interactive: an encouraging and constructive day.
I found this course excellent - I learnt a lot and I'm looking forward to implementing some of David's ideas.
David is buzzing with ideas which don't take massive of time to implement - very useful course.
Really liked the suggested approaches to Design/No Design and Make etc. Lots of great ideas.
Woke me up to the high standards that are now expected.

Cost: £165 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £199 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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