A Level: How to hit the ground running

Literature… film studies… independent research projects… The new A level presents many challenges, but tackling them all too soon without first preparing the ground can be counter-productive. Many teaching materials are available – via textbooks or otherwise – about specific topics, films and works of literature. However, such materials can only pay dividends if the early stages of year 12 prepare students well enough for the challenges ahead. So, how can you best put students on the right track as they embark on their A level studies?

This course will first examine how to consolidate pre-KS5 learning in the early stages of year 12.

The rest of the day will focus on how to prepare the ground for features such as:

  • film and literature studies;
  • independent research;
  • summarising information;
  • speaking extensively;
  • advanced translation skills;
  • discursive skills.

The examples to be used in this course will be mainly in French, but the emphasis throughout will be on generic approaches applicable to all languages.

Presenter Profile

Martine Pillette is an independent MFL consultant and author and a senior examiner for an international organisation. She leads MFL training sessions throughout the UK, has been involved in many national and regional KS2-5 initiatives and also helps individual MFL departments to strengthen their practice. She is particularly interested in issues of challenge, engagement and skill-based teaching and learning. She is well known for her realistic and engaging classroom ideas.

Feedback from teachers on Martine’s courses

Absolutely fantastic preparation for the new A-level with a focus on skill which will serve students beyond A-level studies
The day was extremely useful, especially for ideas that I can use in my teaching and ways in which I can encourage pupils to speak more without worrying about accuracy. Very inspiring – thank you.
Even though I have taught A-level for a long time this gave me lots of new ideas to take away.
Many thanks; this course has helped enormously in providing me with ideas for bridging that enormous gap. There are many useful activities I will be able to use with my students (many of whom are still bridging that gap!) and share with my colleagues.
A very informative session with very good techniques – especially for promoting spontaneous speaking skills.

Cost: £165 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £199 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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