Primary French Up-skilling Course Level 1

Our French Up-skilling course is a fun and interactive way of increasing your knowledge of French vocabulary and confidence in pronouncing words correctly whilst, at the same time, learning practical games and activities that can be used in the classroom the very next day.

Delegates who attend the course will receive electronic versions of all course materials and presentations, which you will be able to photocopy and use in the classroom. You will receive a course certificate to show to future employers.

No previous knowledge required.

Presenter Profile

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Philip Campagna is SW Regional Director for Network for Languages and Network for Learning. He is a Senior Lecturer and PGCE Course Leader for Secondary MFL and PGCE Primary MFL Coordinator at Bath Spa University. Philip was, for six years, Head of the MFL Faculty at a large Wiltshire Community College. He worked for ten years as a Primary Languages Coordinator in Wiltshire. He regularly presents for Network for Languages, both in the South West and other regions. He has also presented at National and International Language Conferences.

Feedback from this course

This was a really great course – a good confidence boost. I would like to take it further and do more – everyone should have to do it.
Everything has been amazingly fun. Fantastic teaching and ideas to help me with future teaching.
Best French lesson(s) ever! Really enjoyed the day and it has helped me make sense of my sporadic French.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and thought it was really fun to attempt to speak lots of French with the other people during the day. There are also so many fun games I can magpie for my teaching!
It really helped my French skills. I had forgotten virtually everything before this course. The sections on feminine and masculine rules and pronunciation rules were very helpful.
I really enjoyed this course. It was my first experience of language lessons and I feel inspired to continue my learning and learn in depth about conversation and sentence structure.

Cost: £60 for Bath Spa students which includes lunch and resources; £145 for teachers

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