MFL at A level: how to hit the ground running

Why this course?

From literature to film studies, discursive skills, independent research projects and more, A level presents a range of challenges which can make the post-GCSE phase tricky to manage. Tackling those challenges head on without first preparing the ground in the early stages of KS5 is generally counter-productive. While many commercial resources cover set topics, films and works of literature and offer numerous exam-style practice activities, such resources only pay dividends if the early stages of KS5 have prepared the ground appropriately.

So, how can you put your students on the right track in the first few months of their A level studies?

The early stages of KS5 – key areas of focus

The first session of the day will concentrate essentially on how to consolidate pre-KS5 learning:

  • It will explore how to help students use what they know less artificially, beyond the confines of the GCSE format.
  • It will focus especially on simple techniques for ‘loosening tongues’ during speaking practice with frequent opportunities for informal listening practice thrown in.

The remaining sessions will focus on how to prepare the ground for a variety of key A level features, especially:

  • How to revisit and build on GCSE grammar more efficiently;
  • How to approach advanced translation skills;
  • Essential steps for the development of discursive skills in preparation for the oral exam.
  • How to familiarise students with the language of film and literature studies and with appropriate study techniques before they embark on set works.
  • How to prepare the ground for independent research (e.g. learning to evaluate source material in a time-effective way);

The examples used in this course will be mainly in French, but the emphasis throughout will be on generic approaches applicable to all languages.

Presenter Profile

Martine Pillette is an independent MFL consultant and author and a senior examiner for an international organisation. As well as working with individual schools to help MFL departments review aspects of their practice, Martine is frequently involved in initiatives aimed at supporting MFL teaching at KS2-5. She is well known for her realistic and engaging classroom ideas and for helping teachers find manageable ways of tackling the forever changing curriculum agenda.

Feedback from teachers on Martine's courses

A very interesting and helpful course with good potential resources and ideas.
Resources provided were useful and very informative. Martine is brilliant.
Thank you so much – really excellent course, as all Martine’s are!
Merci Martine! Once again, you have provided us with lots of useful resources/tips and suggestions!
What a fantastic course – great information. I love the activities and will definitely be using them in the future. You have made me feel more confident about teaching A-level.
Really helpful course, excellent useful ideas.

Cost: £185 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £250 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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