Cognitive Load Theory: Theory into practice

This conference will be online:-

  • Steve is presenting via Zoom, accompanied by slides and activities
  • Opportunities for delegate questions and comments
  • A copy of the slides will be made available after the course, along with further materials

This is a one day course split over two days, sessions will be 4pm to 6:30pm on Wednesday 26th January 2022 and 4pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday 2 February 2022

Join us for an exploration of what it means to embed Cognitive Load Theory into day to day lessons

It’s only in the last two to three years that teachers have become aware of Cognitive Load Theory as an issue in mainstream classrooms. It has been described as the most important piece of research every teacher should know but for many teachers it is unclear what the implications are for real classrooms with real pupils.

This course will get to the heart of what the specific teaching strategies are that will ensure that pupils do not experience ‘overload’. This is especially crucial in the early stages of learning when they are at the ‘novice’ stage.

The course will focus on the four key stages that pupil move through on their learning journey: starting at the ‘novice’ stage to eventually arriving at the ‘expert’ stage.

Most importantly the two sessions will be highly practical and interactive with lots of specific ‘how to’ teaching suggestions and strategies

Session 1 – Identifying the 4 Stages of Learning

  • Working memory, encoding, schema formation and retrieval
  • Issues in working memory for the novice learner
  • The journey to ‘expert’

Session 2 – Techniques and strategies to support novice learners (1)

  • Knowledge Schema
  • Visual Instructional Plans
  • Modality effect

Session 3 – Techniques and strategies to support novice learners (2)

  • Graphic Organisers
  • Worked examples
  • Faded scaffolding

Session 4 – How to avoid cognitive overload

  • Redundancy effect
  • Split attention effect
  • Putting it all together

Presenter Profile

Steve Garnett is author of ‘Cognitive Load Theory: A handbook for teachers’ which has been shortlisted in the Best in Education category at the Independent Book Publishers Awards.
Professor John Sweller who is the world’s leading authority on Cognitive Load Theory described the book as providing ‘a brilliant exposition of instructional design principles. I recommend it in the strongest possible terms’.
Steve is a highly skilled and experienced provider of CPD sessions to teachers having delivered workshops to over 15000 teachers in the last 10 years in over 30 countries around the world.

Cost: £250 per delegate; £299 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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