Designing your Curriculum Intent, Implementation & Impact

This conference will be online:-

  • Marc is presenting via webcam, accompanied by slides and activities
  • Opportunities for delegate questions and comments
  • A copy of the slides will be made available after the course, along with further materials

This is a one day course split over Wednesday 26th January and Wednesday 2nd February 2022, sessions will be 4pm to 6:30pm on both days.

“Sometimes I think that we, as teachers, are so eager to get to the answers that we do not devote sufficient time to developing the question.”
Daniel T. Willingham

With a greater emphasis on how schools interpret the National Curriculum and how they design their own approach, subject leads are in a position where it is necessary to evaluate the ‘offer’ they give and how they prepare all children to make good progress and are ready for the next stages of their learning.

This course will prepare all Senior & Middle leaders to audit and evaluate their existing curriculum and teaching against the 2019 Ofsted Framework.

According to Ofsted ‘these changes move Ofsted’s focus away from headline data to look instead at how schools are achieving these results, and whether they are offering a curriculum that is broad, rich and deep, or simply teaching to the test’.


  • Update yourself with Ofsted inspection criteria (2019)
  • Articulate how your curriculum meets the needs of your children and local context
  • Be clear about what evidence is required, and what is not required, in order for judgements to be made.
  • Ensure your curriculum is knowledge-rich and designed to maximise learning
  • Explore the role of cognitive science and other research in designing an effective curriculum
  • Understand cultural capital

Day 1

Applying the latest educational research on curriculum design & evaluating your local context

  • Understanding your local context
  • Using local statistics
  • Transform the community through your curriculum choices
  • Weaving in the school ethos and vision
  • Tools to evaluate where your curriculum is currently

Planning your Curriculum

  • Clarity of Intent
  • Pedagogical approach (consistent)
  • Creating a curriculum development strategy:
  1. Knowledge
  2. Progression
  3. Implementation
  4. Productivity
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Metacognition
  7. Clarity and retention
  8. Improvement
  • The role of the Subject leader in developing subject specific pedagogy
  • Precision of end points
  • Planning progressive tasks that prove that students are gaining a deeper understanding of the curriculum

Day 2

Defining Curriculum Expectations

  • Ofsted Framework for 2019 & their implications for schools
  • Intent
  • Implementation
  • Impact
  • Deepening understand of what a ‘knowledge-rich curriculum’ looks like
  • Lessons in Curriculum Design from Cognitive Science and other Research
  • Role of cognitive science in understanding memory and learning

Monitoring Curriculum Implementation & Measuring Impact

  • Monitoring and improving T&L
  • Making accurate judgements
  • Creating a culture of improvement in your department
  • Measuring Curriculum Impact
  • The use of data to drive improvement

Presenter Profile

1-836-Marc Cooper.jpg
Marc Cooper has a background in educational leadership, school improvement, professional development and academic research. He has held senior positions in a number of educational institutions, ranging from schools, MATs and universities. Marc was the Research and Development Lead for the largest MAT in Cornwall (CELT) and currently works with the EEF & Research schools as a Regional Implementation lead. He is also an associate fellow at the International Centre for Education Enhancement, at the University of Bolton, leading and collaborating on their international Laboratory Schools programme.


'I am left inspired and hopeful from a wider perspective; for education and for true leadership.'

Interim Headship 2019

Cost: £250 per delegate which includes resources; £299 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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