Building Towards Exam Success - A fifteen-lesson curriculum for encouraging motivation, organisation and effective revision

The GCSE and A level Exam Mindset : 15 activities for transforming student commitment, motivation and productivity

This course will be online:-

  • Martin is presenting via webcam, accompanied by slides and activities
  • Opportunities for delegate questions and comments
  • A copy of the slides will be made available after the course, along with further materials

“While cognitive ability reflects what an individual can do, it is non-cognitive factors that reflect what an individual will do.” (McGeown, University of Edinburgh, 2015)

There is a growing body of research which suggests that, leaving ability aside, successful students approach their exams with a specific set of behaviours, skills and tactics.

Despite not differing cognitively from their peers, they often significantly outperform them because of the way they approach and manage their revision. Often, rather than passively rewrite and attempt to memorise information, they work proactively at the edge of their ability, testing themselves and mastering material.

Distilled from interviews with hundreds of students and twenty years of teaching experience at KS4 and 5, this single-session course will explore fifteen strategies - all available to take away electronically - that can be explicitly modelled and taught at GCSE or A level.

Each strategy comes with its own handout; is easy to deliver, discuss and explore in either a classroom or tutorial context, and has impact on the way students prepare materials, manage their time, test themselves, and pay attention to feedback.

Presenter Profile

Martin Griffin has 20 years’ experience teaching GCSE and post-16 students in colleges as a sixth-form teacher, head of faculty, assistant head teacher and deputy head teacher. He was the director of sixth form at The Blue Coat School for eight years, a twice Ofsted-outstanding comprehensive sixth form where student progress is among the top 10 per cent in the country. He spent much of his time teaching A levels and GCSEs and testing tools for study skill development.

Over the last five years has worked with more than a hundred colleges and schools to develop effective non-cognitive skill development systems. He is the co-author of The A Level Mindset (Crown House, 2016) The GCSE Mindset (Crown House, 2017) and The Student Mindset (Crown House, 2018)

Cost: £150 per delegate

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