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For all schools - whether good, outstanding or other - one of the most difficult and often distracting aspects of leading and teaching in schools is knowing whether everything is ‘OFSTED ready’.

The term implies that all systems, policies, practice and results are in place and open for scrutiny, but good practice would say that preparation for Ofsted is a continuous process and can be recognised and accepted in many forms.

From September Ofsted has a new framework, which will govern all school visits. Is your school ready?

According to Ofsted’s press release we can expect that ‘these changes will move Ofsted’s focus away from headline data to look instead at how schools are achieving these results, and whether they are offering a curriculum that is broad, rich and deep, or simply teaching to the test’

This course will be essential to make sure your school is ‘Ofsted proof’ for the new framework from September

Do you know what Ofsted are looking at and for? Do you know how to satisfy lines of enquiry and how to predict questions and inspection themes?

Do you know what questions they may ask? And who they want to speak with?

Do you know what evidence if required to present within an inspection?

Are you aware of the changes for 2019 and the implications this has on teaching and leading within a school?

Are safeguarding systems secure in your school?

Session 1: Brief overview of the changes to the Ofsted framework

  • What do the key changes mean for you
  • What is the feedback from the first inspections using this framework

Session 2: Understanding the Ofsted framework and its implications for all aspects of school

  • What is the new quality of education judgement – intent, implementation and impact
  • What is a broad, balanced knowledge rich curriculum
  • How will Ofsted inspect the quality of education
  • What are Ofsted expecting behaviour and attitudes to look like in your school
  • How is personal development taught in your school – building character, grit and perseverance and making pupils ready for the next stage of their education
  • What is the vision of leaders – is it ambitious and inclusive
  • How are staff developed – is there a focus on training across the curriculum
  • Is staff workload a key consideration
  • How do governors contribute to school
  • How is overall effectiveness judged

Session 3: Knowing what evidence and documents are useful to have and to keep updated

  • Preparing for the initial phone call
  • Highlighting the key documents and evidence
  • Advice around updating and organising documents including the use of the school website

Session 4: Understanding what governors, leaders at all levels and teachers need to know

  • Suggested questions that all key stakeholder groups may be asked including subject leaders, class teachers and pupils

Session 5: Explaining statutory and exemplary safeguarding requirements

  • Looking at changes in the new framework
  • Considering behaviour and its role in safeguarding

Session 6: What is an outstanding school under the new framework

  • What can we see from recent outstanding judgements
  • Looking at best practice and potential pitfalls

This course is suitable for senior leadership team members of all key stages.

Presenter Profile

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John Medlicott (@johnmedlicott) is the Director of JMC Education (www.jmcinset.com), having held a number of key academic and pastoral leadership roles in schools and colleges. John still teaches in an Ofsted Outstanding School and has taught for over 20 years. As a teacher trainer & school improvement consultant he works with schools across the UK and internationally. He is regularly graded as “outstanding” by delegates on their evaluation forms. John has spoken recently on challenge and differentiation at a National Conference for Deputy Head teachers and is a regular Keynote speaker and workshop provider in School Leadership and Teaching and Learning.

Leigh Smith is an ex primary Headteacher with ten years experience leading schools in a range of challenging situations. She has more recently worked as a school improvement adviser for a local authority with a role specifically designed to support schools in achieving successful inspection results..


Well delivered and informative - coming away with a clear understanding of metacognition, its importance, and some strategies to help implement/embed.
Really helpful in every way. Very thoughtful and also plenty of practical off the shelf ideas.
Fantastic, real, practical ways of inspiring teachers to implement techniques and strategies to enable all learners to become self-regulating, resilient, mindful and employable members of society.
Really useful review of current findings in educational research and how this can be applied to the current educational climate.
The combination of ideas, strategies, practical examples and activities made this the most useful CPD I have completed in some time.

Cost: £250 per delegate which includes lunch and resources; £299 for 2 teachers from the same school booking on this course

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