Exam Literacy for GCSEs

A guide to doing what works (and not what doesn't) to better prepare students for exams

In this webinar Jake Hunton focuses on the latest cognitive research into exam revision techniques and delivers realistic, proven strategies which actually work.

Jake combines his understanding of cognitive science with his understanding of how the exam system operates in English schools to provide a better route to exam success for your students.

You will consider:-

  1. Introduction: Past Mistakes with Revision
  2. The Dunlosky Study, Generative Learning & Gold & Silver Medal Strategies
  3. Retrieval Practice Strategies
  4. Distributed/Spaced Practice Strategies
  5. Elaborative Interrogation
  6. Self-Explanation
  7. A Potential Whole-School Model
  8. Reflection on Strategies & Questions

This course is suitable for all teachers looking to improve their students' exam results.

Presenter Profile

Jake Hunton is head of modern foreign languages at Heart of England School in Solihull and believes in combining passionate, engaging and fast-paced teaching with a focus on the highest achievement for all students.

Cost: £85 per delegate

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