Take Control of your next Ofsted inspection

This webinar will talk you through preparation for an inspection under the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and discuss the value for a persuasive SEF.

Preparing for Ofsted and SEF writing are jobs that are time consuming and can be difficult.

You could do as Ofsted want you to do and let the team through the door, welcoming them to investigate all aspects of your school and trust them to judge you fairly. Most teams will and having inspected for 11 years and led many inspections of primary and secondary schools, I met many excellent professionals.

Then there is the lead inspector that has a fixed idea of your school before visiting and fits the inspection to that idea. It is quite possible to do that! Or you get tripped up by the ‘unknown unknowns’ that you didn’t realise were important.

This session is about addressing both of those and will help you to take control of your inspection.

’Taking Control 2’ is the title of my most recent book about Ofsted preparation and is still the only book out there that will help. It will form the basis of this webinar with you. I’ll talk through preparation for an inspection under the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and then discuss the value and need for a persuasive SEF.

There is a primary and a secondary SEF tool on my website http://www.quality-schools.com. There’s lots of other Ofsted preparation information on there too. Help yourselves and if you can, have a look at the relevant SEF tool for you, as pre-session reading.

I look forward very much to meeting with you and helping you to ’Take Control’ of your next inspection.

Presenter Profile

Paul Garvey is an Ex Ofsted Lead Inspector who has substantial experience in inspecting both primary and secondary schools, having led the inspection of around 150 schools. In addition, Paul has also supported hundreds of schools in preparing for inspection, with very positive results for the schools overall. He gained NPQH in 2007.
After working as a Foundation Subjects Consultant, Paul left LA employment to form QA South-West in 2010. It is now a successful company, in which Paul and the consultants he employs have had remarkable success in improving the quality of teaching in schools, through a method of joint lesson visits called “Talk for Teaching”.
Paul is steeped in teaching and learning and has probably visited over 10,000 lessons from Pre-school to Y13! In 2017, Paul published both ‘Talk for Teaching’ and ‘Taking Control - How to Prepare for Inspection’. ‘Taking Control 2’ was published in April 2020. Paul is also a Member of Barnsole Multi Academy Trust, in Medway and of PEAK Multi Academy Trust in Derby.

Cost: £150 per delegate

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