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We are based in the Institute for Education at Bath Spa University where we have been running CPD for teachers for more than 5 years. We are committed to excellence in teaching and learning from school, through university and into the workplace. We aim to maintain and develop relevant and innovative continuous professional development programmes, support teachers within the changing policy landscape and disseminate good practice and research around teaching.

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Philip Campagna - Director Philip is the South West Regional Director for Network for Languages and Network for Learning. He is a Senior Lecturer and PGCE Course Leader for Secondary MFL at Bath Spa University, and is also the PGCE Primary MFL Coordinator . Philip was Head of the MFL Faculty at a large Wiltshire Community College for six years, and worked for ten years as a Primary Languages Coordinator in Wiltshire. He regularly presents for Network for Languages in the South West and in other regions. He has also presented at National and International Language Conferences.

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Denise Martin - Manager Denise has experience of delivering professional development programmes across varied commercial sectors, including working for KPMG and two large IT companies. She has been working with teachers in schools across the United Kingdom through the Institute for Education at Bath Spa University for nine years.